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Located in the department of Ain, in the heart of the lake filled Dombes region between Lyon and Bourg-en-Bresse, the Emm Breeding Stables were founded and developed by Muriel Ranger. Specialising in the breeding of CSO horses, Emm BreedingStables are situated in the center of one of the best French regions fo the rearing of sport horses and at the heart of an area entirely devoted to CSO.

The aim of the Stables is to breed horses of close blood ties, possessing both strength and elegance. The permanent genetic selection has led to only conserving those mares capable of transmitting these qualities. Emm Breeding Stables owns high quality mares all indexed over 120 or from international stock (Selle Française, Holsteiner, BWP, Zangersheide) and mates these with French or foreign stallions chosen from amongst the best performers ans studs in the world and those most capable of associating with their brood mares.

For example the stallions most recently used for this purpose were For Pleasure, Lando, Quidam de Revel, Tinka's Boy, Cornado. Emm Breeding Stables believes that the daily contact with the foals is of utmost importance for their future psycological balance. The foals are handled daily in order to ensure that their physical wallbeing is accompanied by a healthy and balanced mental state.

Extreme care and attention is given to the feeding and veterinary monitoring of the foals thoughout each stage of their growth.Their breaking in is caried out progressively over 2 to 3 years using a gentle approach adapted to the temperament of each foal. The aim is to prepare them for model competitions and gaits (foals, 2 years and 3 years) and qualifying stallions, and then to lead them into the classical cycle of competitions for young horses. In this domain horses from the breeding stables have achieved places on many occasions in the national finals at St Lô and Fontainebleau.

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Young horses

We can ensure the valorization of horses in competition but also the training of young horses.

Proximity with foals during their first months is crucial for their future sociability.
In the same way the first working months with young horses are important markers for the rest of their career as this is the period where they must learn good habits and attitudes; acquiring the bases must be done with tact and firmness so that it becomes a pleasure for young horses to work and jump. It is also essential to have horses well mentally balanced.

The aim is to prepare young horses in the respect of their personality and then to launch them in training rounds before considering engaging in classical or free cycles. The objective is always to prepare them at their own pace without undermining them prematurely.

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